Telehealth Consultation

To better serve the needs of her patients, Dr. Fasig now offers telehealth consultation to patients physically present in Washington State.  A telehealth appointment may be an appropriate alternative to an in-office visit; however, it is not appropriate in all circumstances.  Telehealth appointments are entirely voluntary and you may prefer an in-office visit.  If suggested, declining a telehealth appointment will in no way affect your rights to care or treatment.
An in-office visit may be necessary for some elements of physical examination, depending on your symptoms and/or conditions.  It may also become apparent that an in-office visit is appropriate during the course of a telehealth consultation.  Dr. Fasig or her office will follow up with you as necessary.  All in-office appointments require that you have neither (1) tested positive for Covid-19 or flu in the last week nor (2) experienced acute, Covid-associated symptoms in the past two weeks.
As with in-office appointments, cancellation of, or a failure to show for, an appointment without 24 hours notice (by email or voicemail message) will result in a minimum $80.00 fee. is a private, secure web-based platform that is HIPAA compliant and which allows interactive audiovisual consultation in furtherance of the evaluation, diagnosis, management and treatment of a number of health care issues.  You will need a device (telephone, computer or tablet with a camera and a microphone.  Before your designated appointment time, please access the link at or invitation emailed by Dr. Fasig and enter the waiting room.  At the scheduled appointment time, Dr. Fasig will initiate the session.
Prior to your first telehealth appointment, you will need to read and sign the telemedicine consent form here, returning a copy to Dr. Fasig by email or fax at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment.  Please also ensure that you are familiar with the use of your device’s camera and microphone.  If you encounter any issues before or during the appointment, please contact Dr. Fasig.