New Patient Information

The first office visit
A first office visit will ordinarily last one hour and I will take a detailed health history and review nutritional factors, labs, imaging reports, and the medications and/or supplements you may be currently taking.  The majority of the visit will generally involve collaboratively developing a reasonable treatment plan which addresses your immediate needs, prevents recurrence of the existing limiting conditions and optimizes your overall functioning.  I may perform physical exam and/or request lab tests.
Just like every other physician, I have some paperwork for you to fill out before a first office visit.  Please complete the forms and bring them with you to the appointment.  Otherwise, I suggest you arrive 15-20 minutes early so that our appointment time is spent most efficiently.
Cancellation of, or a failure to show for, an appointment without 24 hours notice (by e-mail or voicemail message) will result in a minimum $80.00 fee.
Upon request, I will provide you with a good faith estimate as to charges (office visits, consultations, procedures, etc . . .) that will not apply to third-party charges without further consultation.
I do not charge for brief (less than five minutes) telephone conversations in which we clarify ongoing treatment or administrative matters.  However, although diagnosis generally requires an office visit, and I do not consult with new patients by telephone, a telephone consultation may be appropriate if you are an established patient with a new concern and/or if it has been more than two weeks since last visit/consultation.  The minimum charge for such consultations is $80 per 10 minutes.
Insurance information 
Dr. Fasig is not contracted with any insurance network other than Regence.  You are responsible for payment at the time of service (whether office visit, phone consultation, telehealth, etc.).   On request, we will provide you with a billing statement you can submit to your insurer in the event that your insurer may reimburse you for the visit.   This billing statement, or ‘super bill’, will have CPT and ICD-10 codes listed.
New patient intake forms are here.
New Regence patient intake forms are here.
New pediatric patient (for patients under the age of 18) forms are here.
New Regence pediatric patient (for patients under the age of 18) forms are here.